Multi-Nation Travel Adapter with USB charger

Multi-Nation Travel Adapter with USB charger

Item No.: MX-HC100
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Description Specification Function
LED Power Indicator
Dual USB Ports
Built-In Safety Shutters
Integrated fuse
4 in 1
Socket Conversion 
Brand: MOXOM
Model: MX-HC100
Total loading 6.3A
Use only with Fuse T6.3A
Max Power: 250V-6.3A/1575W 110V-6.3A/693W
Input: 100-250V~50/60Hz 0.6A
Built-in safety shutters protect users from the direct touch of the live part on the socket outlet.

only one plug-type can be used at one time by sliding the knob selection, other plug-pins are locked automatically.

Support various brands of mobile phones and tablets PC in security and smart.

All in one, light and portable, Hidden pins, pack a portable switch socket